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Build a solution to legally get charged 0% on profit taxes.


why should I?


  • 7-8 day on average,
  • 24-48 hours expedited (+400 USD)
  • .


  • 16,5% profit tax, which lowers to 0%, if all income from outside HK.


  • Fill in the form.
  • Passport copy.
  • Wire fees.
  • Sign documents.
  • Open bank account if needed.


  • 1500-2000 USD to start-up.
  • 1250 USD annual fee.
  • 400 USD, if 'NIL' filing.


  • NOT off-shore, identified owners.
  • Avoids double taxation.
  • May open an official bank account.


  • Consulting.
  • IT development and services.
  • Network marketing.
  • International business.
  • Property owners.
  • Webshop, Internetes sales.

Foundation: steps

  1. Before foundation
    • List 3 company names, we check if they are free.
    • Fill in the order form and send it back to us.
    • Copy of passport, address ID copy, utility-, bank- or landline phone bill copy (to prove address)
    • Take a picture with the owner and her/his passport. (from 2019)
    • While we verify data, you wire transfer the fee and you are ready to operate.
  2. Foundation process
    • We submit paperwork to office, they process them.
    • You receive an e-mail on completion.
    • We send you documents to sign, that you return to us.
  3. On-demand bank account opening
    may need any of the documents below:
    • open an account in Hong Kongban, in person, 1-2 days, we help prepare
      ( HSBC Bank, OCBC Bank, both the owner and the director must speak English and ALL of THEM must be present!!!)
    • open an account in EU countries, in person
      ( CIM Banque, Switzerland, Baltikum Bank, Latvia, Raiffeisen Bank, Hungary)
    • MasterCard debit card with Transferwise or Revolut as a temporary measure or low turnover.
    • NO bank account (until you can go out to open one).
  4. After foundation
    • Matinenance and official fees to transfer on time.
    • Preparing accounting OR submit NIL statement annually.
    • Annual corporate documents to produce and submit.



one-time (expedited price)

founding - 629 USD (829 USD)
company address - included
HK secretary (mandatory) - 225 USD
SCR representative (mandatory) - 45 USD
annual filing (for 1st year) - 105 USD
processing - 300 USD (500 USD)
HK bank transfer fee - 25 USD
your local bank transfer fee - 18 USD
Total: 1347 USD

over 1000 shares - 200 USD
5 or more owners - 200 USD
local postal service - annual 700 USD
nominee director - annual 1600 USD
second local director - annual 600 USD


one-time (expedited price)

Corporate documents:
IMPORTANT: ask what your bank requires!

Printed, for local bank, have to travel to HK:
225 USD (325 USD)
+400 USD if in HSBC

International (EU) bank, official apostille:
600 USD
International (EU) bank, notarized documents:
800 USD

International bank, no travelling, with apostille:
1600 USD

Your bank may ask for (check it!):
Certificate of Incumbency 400 USD
Certificate of Good Standing 400 USD

+95 USD postage fee per dispatch



renewal fee - 1250 USD

NIL statement - 400 USD

annual accounting (if needed) -
1700 USD (up to 100 invoices)
3000 USD (up to 500 invoices)

HK personal taxation rules

HK - EU taxation treaties

Average price depending on bank location: 1500 USD - 2000 USD


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